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Perfectly Mismatched - Signed Copy

Perfectly Mismatched - Signed Copy

Signed Copy

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After a disastrous fall onstage, ballet dancer Victoria Valentine develops Plan B, taking a break from her NYC life to help her father in his business while her body heals. When she gets to Carolina Cove, though, Plan B turns out to be a bust because of all the secrets her dad has been keeping.

Entrepreneur MacGregor Jones is tired of being the odd man out among his coupled-up friends, so he finally allows his matchmaker sister to set him up. He’s instantly taken with his date until he realizes he’s been perfectly mismatched. Not only is Victoria the daughter of his latest business venture but she’s intent on returning to her big-city life as soon as possible.

As Victoria struggles to accept that her injury is worst-case scenario, she begins to focus on Plan C, that of teaching. But as offers come in from all over the world, she has to make the biggest decision of all. Does she stay in Carolina Cove­—or follow her dream wherever it may take her?

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