Kay Lyons always wanted to be a writer, ever since the age of seven or eight when she copied the pictures out of a Charlie Brown book and rewrote the story because she didn’t like the plot. Through the years her stories have changed but one characteristic stayed true—they were all romances. Each and every one of her manuscripts included a love story.

Published in 2005 with Harlequin Enterprises, Kay’s first romance hit #7 on the bestseller list. Kay's books are known for their heartfelt and emotional storytelling, focusing on themes of love, redemption, and personal growth. Her novels feature well-developed characters who navigate through life's challenges, finding love and new beginnings along the way. Set in charming small-town environments from mountains to beaches, her stories are filled with warmth, friendships, family dynamics, and a strong sense of community. Kay's writing is appreciated for its depth, relatable characters, and the emotional journeys her protagonists undergo. Her books are a blend of sweet and swoony romance that resonate with readers.

Kay is a member of Alliance of Independent Authors, Authors Guild, Novelists Inc, and other writing groups, a tiny house dweller well versed in making every space count, as well as a Jeep fan and member of numerous Jeep clubs even though she drives a "pavement princess."

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If you like slightly sexier books, check out Kay's alter-ego Ivy James. Kay currently focuses on sweet, small town contemporary romance while Ivy James' titles contain love scenes and mild language. Several of Kay's series have alternative versions by Ivy James, and you can find the list below. Just remember Kay Lyons' books are sweet/clean and wholesome, and Ivy James' are sexy. 
Stone Gap Mountain Series (Ivy James) = Stone River Series (Kay Lyons)
Tennessee Tulanes Series (Ivy James) = Taming The Tulanes Series (Kay Lyons)
Montana Skies Series (Ivy James) = Montana Secrets Series (Kay Lyons)
Redeeming Love Series (Ivy James) = Small Town Scandals Series (Kay Lyons)
The Crash Before Christmas (Ivy James) = Secret Santa 1 (Kay Lyons)