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Carolina Cove Boxset Books 4-5

Carolina Cove Boxset Books 4-5

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This boxed set contains books 4 and 5 of the Carolina Cove series. Titles included are:

Sea Blue and Loving You:

She’s off-limits. That’s the first thing Dr. Logan Davenport thinks every morning before going to work at the same hospital as counselor Zoey Barnes. Officially friend-zoned because he can’t stand the thought of losing her lifelong friendship, his secret crush can never be revealed. But when Zoey is injured by a patient and Logan realizes how close to the breaking point Zoey actually is, the doctor in him—and the man who loves her more than he should—can’t ignore it.

Zoey Barnes is all too aware of the attention her childhood friend receives from others in the hospital. Logan’s good looks and bedside manner leave many fawning over him. But when he “kidnaps” her after she’s injured and takes her to his mountain retreat to heal, she’s the one drawn by his bedside attentions. Still, she’s seen what love does to perfectly sane people, and since she’s spent her career helping people recover from the pain inflicted by the ones they love, she knows not to let him get too close. Logan calls her forced vacation a sabbatical. She calls it torture. Nature? Hikes? Seeing Logan in his swim trunks beneath a waterfall?

After too many days together and far too many salacious thoughts, reality returns with a punch. They finally go home to Carolina Cove but Zoey can’t forget exchanging one forbidden what-if kiss. When her patients need her and crashing and burning is one of the many possible outcomes with Logan, can she risk falling in love?

and Sea View and Something New:

Sophia Shipley will do pretty much anything to keep her secrets secret until she’s ready to reveal them to her family. Coming back to Carolina Cove in disgrace is hard enough, but that doesn’t compare to knowing all of her hard work and career advances were for nothing. Her job in finance, her life in the financial sector, is gone due to the whispers of fraud now attached to her name. She has to start over from scratch and she has no idea where to begin…

Dawson Blackwell can’t believe his luck. He’d finally managed to buy out the awful neighbor next door and renovate the rundown cottage for a rental only to discover his childhood nemesis to be its first guest. From rivals in the classroom to enemies on the debate team and competitors for class president, he and Sophia had butted heads at every turn. But as neighbors and unlikely friends, he finds himself battling a different kind of intensity towards the grown-up version of the spoiled rich girl he’d known.

They say opposites attract but when Dawson finds himself going after the same job as Sophia, will their competitive personalities lead to a show down—or will their forbidden love lead to something else entirely?
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